Summer Math Talk: At the Grill

There’s just something about grilling in the summer. I love the warm evening air, the smell of delicious food, and the comfort of being with friends and family.

Whether you realize it or not, there’s a lot of math that goes into a successful barbeque! When it comes to feeding people, amounts and quantities are important. No one wants to be a few hot dogs short or drowning in leftovers for a week.

As you prepare the food and the table, incorporate a few math talk moments with your child. Each time you engage in math talk, you’re building your child’s math brain and showing them that math is all around them. Read on for ideas on how to incorporate math talk into your next cookout. I apologize in advance if this post makes you hungry!

On the Grill

While you watch the grill, take a moment to ask your child a few math questions.

On the Side

A successful cookout has delicious sides. Give the sides a moment to take centerstage by asking your child some math questions while you prepare!

Setting the Table

Whether your family serves food buffet-style or sits down to a formal meal, involve your child in the process of setting the table.

Take Action

  • The next time your family grills, intentionally incorporate a math talk moment! If this doesn’t come naturally to you, that’s ok! Identify a few opportunities ahead of time, and choose the moment that feels right to both you and your child. Just look for an opportunity to:
    • Count how many: How many are there?
    • Compare amounts: Are there more A or B?
    • Use shape words: straight, round, edge
    • Use space words: inside, below, beside, on top
    • Compare attributes: taller, shorter, bigger, smaller
  • Read more about the importance of Math Talk from this post: Math Talk for Early Learning

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