Valentine’s Day Math Talk

Valentine’s Day is all about letting loved ones know that you love and care for them. One of the best things you can do to show your child you care about them is to spend some quality time together.

Take advantage of the extra family time and Valentine’s Day goodies to support your child’s math learning! Just look for opportunities where you can count items, compare attributes, describe shapes, and make patterns.

Making Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some baked goods. Share the joy of cooking by having your child help out. Embrace the mess and ask some math questions while they’re spilling flour all over the floor!


These chalky candies may not be the tastiest, but they’re perfect for math talk! Incorporate some math questions with the Sweethearts and save the chocolate for yourself.

Making Valentine’s Day Crafts

There are a ton of super cute, Valentine’s Day crafts for kids out there. Do they ever turn out just like the picture? No. Does adding some math talk make the experience more fun? Absolutely!

This list of 26 crafts from Daily Dose of DIY has some great ideas for crafting with your little ones. While crafting, just look for opportunities to find patterns, compare attributes, and count!

Take Action

  • Choose 2-3 moments during Valentine’s Day to intentionally incorporate math talk.
  • Check out my previous post Math Talk for Early Learning to learn more about how you can use math talk to build early math skills.

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