Parents’ Guide to Math Games: Setting the Foundation

Math games are a great way to build foundational math skills and math confidence. Children develop an intuitive sense of mathematics on their own. Through games, children have the opportunity to formalize their ideas as they make connections, communicate with others, and represent their ideas in multiple ways. Playing games also builds important problem solving … Continue reading Parents’ Guide to Math Games: Setting the Foundation

Homework Help Part 1: Core Math

When helping your child with math homework, there's a good chance you've thought something along these lines: Doing the problem that way doesn't make any sense! If this resonates with you, you're not alone. Although the Common Core Math and its new approach to math education has been in classrooms since 2010, many parents still … Continue reading Homework Help Part 1: Core Math

Subtracting speed from the equation

At some regrettable point in time, math and speed became intertwined: The faster you can do math, the better you are at it. This common belief contains two key misconceptions about math: Math is about calculations (the actual addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) How fast you can do the calculations matters Unfortunately, these misconceptions create … Continue reading Subtracting speed from the equation