Valentine’s Day Math Talk

Valentine's Day is all about letting loved ones know that you love and care for them. One of the best things you can do to show your child you care about them is to spend some quality time together. Take advantage of the extra family time and Valentine's Day goodies to support your child's math … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Math Talk

Bring out the Math in Thanksgiving: Math Talk

You might be surprised at how much math goes into pulling off a Thanksgiving meal! Build early math skills and get some help by involving your child in the preparation process. All you have to do is ask a few intentional questions while you work. Here are some tips for how you can bring out … Continue reading Bring out the Math in Thanksgiving: Math Talk

Math Talk for Early Learning

All children are born with the ability to learn math. As children experience rich and stimulating environments, their brains build pathways and connections (Boaler, 2016). Rich and stimulating environments may sound fancy, but it's not - no snazzy toys or doctorate required. All you need to do is talk about math with your child! Talking … Continue reading Math Talk for Early Learning